Meeting Minutes




The meeting was called to order at 10:09 by Vice Chair Mick Brinkmeyer. Minutes from 3/1/18 were approved.



Each member introduced themselves to the group.

Timothy Crosby with the Department of Homeland Security was present. He was asked to describe his job duties and his correlation with the LEPC. As a Chemical Security Inspector it is part of his job requirements to attend LEPC meetings. He gave information on what he is seeing currently in the area and to educate law enforcement on chemical issues.


Old Business

There was no old business.


New Business

Mick gave the Chairman Report.

Will be applying for a grant to administer a full scale drill possibly in April or May of 2019 at the Ethanol Plant. There are specific grants, such as HMEP grants, for Emergency Management.


New Officers: all were voted into office without opposition

            Chairman: JD Mersman

            Vice Chairman: Mick Brinkmeyer

            Secretary: Julie Heck


Mick gave a review of the Ops Plan – ESF 10 Hazmat

-          The County will update the plan in house with input from different agencies.

-          Mick talked about the instances where the plan will be implemented and who will be the supporting players


Round Table

Mick invited the members to discuss what is going on in their respective business or organization.


East Kansas Agri-Energy – The week of April 29th will be their shutdown week; The renewable fuels portion of the plant is currently shut down and waiting for equipment that has a long lead time.


Anderson County – Jerry Howarter discussed the Veteran’s Memorial wall and the update to design and timeline


City of Garnett Fire – Pate Tate discussed that a new person will be doing maintenance on vehicles; Their department has started going on critical medical calls to assist if necessary.


Beachner Grain – They are building more bins for bulk seed.


Hawkins – A request for more safety drills; any training would be helpful


Heath Department – The 2021 state wide full scale training requirement has been moved up to 2020 for highly infectious disease or Ebola outbreak. 


Sheriff’s Department – Wes McClain talked about the new Explorer’s program where students ages 16-20 can take part and learn about law enforcement and feel like they understand the different duties that it entails.


USD 365 – Phil Levota talked about his new position with USD 365 and what his duties are and how he works hand in hand with the City police and Sheriff’s department. He also explained the Explorer’s program in more detail.


USD 479 – Shane Walter had Chuck Clanahan come to Crest school and do a walk through security assessment. Chuck gives recommendations on how to make your facility safer. The service is free but has quite a wait list. His contact information is 785-213-8699.


Golden Heights – Sonya Martin said they had the fire marshal do their annual inspection and they performed really well.


KHP – Mike Thweatt said that KHP will have a graduating class in December and the Southeast District will get about 5 officers but none in Anderson County. They have seen a decline in the numbers for recruitment.


United Way – Meg Pearson talked about STEM classes that United Way is facilitating in Franklin County. Lea Hanson is the contact person if Anderson County would be interested in participating. She gave an update on the 2018 funds and who benefited from the donations. She also gave an option of employees donating through payroll deduction and to contact her if any business would be interested in doing that.


The next scheduled meeting is for January 24th, 2019 @ 10:00 am at the Law Enforcement Center.