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The following lists are a sampling of the many ways that your local county government serves the residents of Anderson County, Kansas.

  • Govern, set and enforce policies at weekly meetings
  • Approve budgets for all entities and conduct budget hearings
  • Oversee equipment purchases, hiring and firing of employees, tax sales, bill payment and emergency declarations
  • Appoint members to boards and committees
  • Serve on multiple regional boards including Hospital, RC&D, Multi-County Health, Southeast Kansas Regional Planning and Lake Region Solid Waste
  • Serve as fence viewers

  • Serve as secretary to County Commissioners
  • Sell ownership maps
  • Provide income tax forms for the state
  • Coordinate and pay invoices for all departments
  • Answers vendor inquiries and analyze vendor accounts
  • Record and post daily receipts and disbursements for county and balance with Treasurer
  • Generate daily cash reports and monthly summary detail for each department
  • Manage all employee benefits
  • Collect timecards, prepare and distribute payroll for all departments
  • Sell fish and game licenses
  • Record hours worked, paid leave, comp time and pay rates for all employees
  • Maintain employee personnel files and job descriptions
  • Perform monthly bank reconciliation
  • Prepare all year end forms for federal and state taxes
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly payroll reports for federal and state
  • Distribute reports to aid in preparing budgets
  • File homestead and food sales tax claims
  • Rent community building
  • Manage voter registration
  • Distribute memorial markers
  • Oversee township, city and cemetery budgets
  • Conduct elections
  • Manage liability and workers compensation insurance
  • Balance valuations and set levies
  • Run tax statements
  • Work with the 911 system
  • Serve on the pandemic flu task force
  • Redirect phone calls to the appropriate county offices

  • Receive, enforce and distribute tax payments
  • Work as Agents of the State issuing vehicle titles, tags and registrations
  • Work as Agents of the State issuing drivers’ licenses, instruction permits and ID cards
  • Provide real estate and personal property tax information
  • Process advance payments for homestead system
  • Process Neighborhood Revitalization rebates
  • Assist with Payment under Protest process
  • Assist with tax grievance issues and applications
  • Assist with tax foreclosure sales
  • File tax claims with bankruptcy trustees
  • Request garnishments for payment of taxes
  • Establish escrow accounts for customers, current and delinquent taxes
  • Prepare actual and estimate reports for taxing entity budgets
  • Issue all special plates and disabled cards
  • Process vehicle title liens and releases
  • Process title changes
  • Maintain inventory control for the State of Kansas
  • File Highway Use Tax and Federal ID number applications
  • Work with sales tax collections, credits and exemptions
  • Coordinate with Kansas Corporation Commission, United Carrier Registration System and Kansas Wildlife and Parks
  • Perform drivers license accounting and reports
  • Process address changes on driver’s license, taxes and vehicle registrations
  • Prepare bank deposits, balance daily transactions and process accounting for all county department funds, balancing with clerk’s office daily
  • Ensure public funds are protected by securities and invest funds
  • Provide computer support and maintenance, set up and support county website, on-line services, PC hardware/software installation and maintenance, programming and application development

  • List and valuate all taxable property
  • Provide estimates of property market value
  • Maintain and provide property maps
  • Perform agriculture use verification
  • Assist with property identification, ownership, property boundaries, and land use
  • Assist with legal descriptions, deed interpretations, and mapping questions
  • Perform sales verification
  • Provide explanations of market value and market trends
  • Perform residential and commercial index and depreciation studies
  • Provide details of residential and commercial properties, such as area, age, number of bedrooms, etc.
  • Provide split tax-value estimates
  • Provide vehicle and “blue book” values
  • Provide tax estimates on proposed structures
  • Perform neighborhood and land value analysis
  • Perform market analysis and build market models
  • Conduct valuation appeals hearings
  • Prepare and certify the appraisal roll
  • Prepare information for State Board of Tax Appeals (BOTA)
  • Represent county in BOTA and district court

Register of Deeds
  • Record all qualified documents
  • Maintain index of land ownership
  • Assist with ownership, legal descriptions, lot sizes, easements, deed interpretations and mapping questions
  • Maintain deeds with current ownership names
  • Assist in ancestry searches
  • Input and scan recorded documents electronically
  • Microfilm all records for preservation
  • Perform clerical tasks involved with recording land transfers, mortgages, oil and gas leases and real estate documents
  • Distribute recorded documents to offices as needed
  • Prepare and send reports to the Kansas Department of Revenue
  • Provide applications for birth and death certificates and Social Security numbers

  • Provide bridge and road design
  • Perform right-of-way acquisition
  • Maintain road records
  • Perform traffic studies and road vacations
  • Issue road and moving permits
  • Provide 911 addresses and coordinate with cities and post office
  • File for federal and state disaster assistance
  • Perform biennial bridge inspections and load ratings
  • Maintain county road map and bridge files
  • Make determinations on rule exception applications to the sanitation code
  • Prepare and maintain operation plans and permits
  • Advertise bids for equipment, materials and construction projects
  • Prepare five-year construction plan for federal aid projects
  • Coordinate and work with KDOT on federal aid projects
  • Assist with construction observation

Planning & Zoning
  • Implement zoning regulations, sanitation code and comprehensive plan
  • Issue building and sanitation permits
  • Serve as floodplain, Local Environmental Protection Plan and Welda sewer administrator
  • License all local sanitation contractors
  • Make recommendation to Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Participate in watershed district meetings

  • Numerous duties required by state statue and judicial rules
  • Represent county in civil and criminal actions
  • Organize and review case files
  • Issue subpoenas
  • Prepare journal entries
  • Provide discovery to attorneys
  • Provide notice to victims and witnesses
  • Respond to open records act requests
  • Observe urinalysis collection
  • Collect payments for worthless checks
  • Handle truancy and diversion cases
  • Supply copies of briefs
  • Assist with small claims and protection from abuse

Road and Bridge
  • Construct and maintain gravel and chip-seal roads, bridges, culverts, ditches and entrances
  • Remove snow and ice from roadways
  • Apply dust control
  • Install and maintain roadway signs
  • Provide traffic control
  • Mow roadsides and ditches
  • Provide fleet maintenance
  • Maintain Swank Park
  • Clear brush and fallen trees from right-of-way
  • Close roads when required from flood, tornado, accidents, etc.
  • Perform minor facility maintenance for courthouse, community building, fair grounds, sheriff’s office
  • Assist cities within the county with road, ditch and entrance maintenance
  • Assist churches and cemeteries with minor maintenance

Noxious Weed
  • Enforce noxious weed control
  • Spray county and state right-of-ways and keep records of same
  • Supply and sell chemical for residents
  • Inspect state selected acres

County Sheriff
  • Investigate criminal activity and vehicle crashes
  • Enforce state laws and county resolutions
  • Handle concealed carry applications
  • Prepare case files for prosecution
  • Serve out-of-county papers
  • Document shift activities
  • Fingerprint for various professional licenses
  • Perform vehicle inspections
  • Provide funeral escorts
  • Assist with storm watching
  • Provide security for county events
  • Maintain jail roster and activity reports
  • Generate monthly report of civil papers, citations and transport miles
  • File and serve protection from abuse and protection from stalking orders
  • Assist with court ordered civil standbys
  • Register drug, violent and sex offenders
  • Instruct county schools in DARE
  • Serve warrants and court papers
  • Store and control evidence
  • Provide courtroom and courthouse security
  • Assist other agencies with investigations (GPD, KHP, KBI, etc.)
  • Conduct home visits with SRS and court services officers
  • Conduct residential watch of unoccupied residences
  • Transport and incarcerate prisoners
  • Conduct sheriff’s sales

Solid Waste
  • Disposal of municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, and household hazardous waste
  • Recycle common materials
  • Provide for disposal on Saturdays
  • Serve on Lake Region Solid Waste Board of Directors
  • Maintain charge accounts at the waste station
  • Prepare and maintain waste station operation plans and permits

Emergency Management
  • Coordinate and compile damage assessment reports
  • Coordinate requests for state and federal emergency assistance
  • Conduct risk vulnerability assessments, incident reporting, and emergency response operations planning and management
  • Maintain the Code Red system
  • Conduct NIMS training of staff and other emergency personnel
  • Coordinate the annual Wolf Creek disaster drill
  • Serve on Local Emergency Planning Committee
  • Present demonstrations at civic organizations

Rural Fire
  • Manage eight fire stations and 150 firefighters
  • Respond to emergencies involving fire, rescue, and hazardous materials incidents
  • Assist in determining fire cause and origin
  • Prepare and maintain fire reports
  • Track and document firefighting equipment requiring testing and re-certification
  • Receive, deliver, set up, and train firefighters on new equipment
  • Provide public safety and fire prevention programs
  • Perform inspections per mandated requirements by the State of Kansas and other entities
  • Oversee the Anderson County Firefighters Relief Association insurance and perform Secretary/Treasurer duties associated with the Association


In addition to the above listed duties, all departments are charged with the following tasks

  • Answer questions and supply information to the public through phone calls, publications and personal assistance
  • Develop and monitor budgets
  • Attend respective county official meetings at district and state levels
  • Attend training and continuing education classes
  • Coordinate with and prepare annual reports for respective state departments
  • Research grant opportunities
  • Track and report receipts
  • Procure equipment, machinery and supplies
  • Maintain inventory of assets
  • Maintain records as required by the Kansas State Historical Society
  • Watch Kansas legislative sessions and testify if necessary
  • Train and job share across department lines whenever needed

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